Online Consultation

Do you face a small problem(s) with your dog’s behaviour which you know you can handle it on your own? Only problem, there’s just too many methods and information out there which confuses you, and you may not exactly need to signup for long session of classes with your dog. All you need is just the right guidance, methods and knowledge to steer you in the right direction.

You’ve come to the right place! The Canine Counsellor provides it for just $50!

Before going any further, spend sometime to understand how this service works. This will prevent any delays in getting your consultation on time and accurately.

STEP 1:          Click here to begin.

STEP 2:          Fill in all required fields (DO NOT forget to provide us with your email).

STEP 3:          While you wait for a reply, start videoing the problem(s) you face with your dog(s).

STEP 4:          Once you have receive a reply, you will be requested to send us video(s) of the problem(s) you face with your dog(s) via email or

STEP 5:          An email confirmation will be send to inform you that we have receive the video(s), and will get in-touch with you on the consultation.

STEP 6:          You will receive a paypal invoice via email to make payment. Once payment is done, the consultation will be sent to you.

Are you ready to start? It’s just a click away…





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