New pricing for dog behaviour consultation

Finally! Packages and pricing has been finalised. Please do not hesitate to drop an email and find out more.

Paw-in-Hand Workshop November 2015

After a year away in the UK, I’ve learn many new scientific evidence about dog behaviour and I’m excited to be back home ready to conduct a whole neFullSizeRender.jpgw revamp Paw-in-Hand workshop.

Anyone who trains dog or work with dogs on their behaviour will tell you that every year, new scientific evidence about dog’s behaviour will develop and therefore it is essential to always upgrade and stay in touch with the latest methods and findings about managing dog behaviour.

I’m not afraid to let people know that I’m a cross-over dog behaviour therapist. Being taught the controversial methods of managing dog behaviour when I started, I wasn’t satisfied with the progress and embarked onto an educational journey to learn more and pursued further studying an Advance Diploma in Dog Behaviour with the British College of Canine Studies for about 3 years and started crossing over to positive, reward base methods to manage dog behaviour.

This workshop is going to be different from the first 2 workshop I’ve conducted with more facilitation to help you, the owner or dog handler to grow and understand more scientific logical facts about dog behaviour management and how to manage the behaviour issues in a humane and positive way. Basically, to put it bluntly.. no Dog Whisperer nonsense!!!

To register, click here! (or copy and paste the URL

Fee: S$300.00 (closing date 9th November 2015),Β  Early-bird: S$250.00 (ends on 23rd October 2015)

**(for 2nd time attendees, kindly drop an email right after you have register for a special reduce rate)

Venue: MacPherson CC

Paw-in-Hand Workshop Nov 2015

No time? Make time!!

It’s time dog owners learn and understand the importance of dogs and mother nature.

Everyone knows that dogs are animals, and dogs are man’s best friend. But are we humans damaging dogs because of our ideology of how we want them to be?


Dog lovers loves dogs, yes! But do we love them enough to meet their needs. When I say meet their needs, I meant help them fulfill their dog instincts. Giving them love is meeting our own emotional needs more then the dog’s. But yes, I do give my dogs a lot of love, hugging, playing with them, talking to them, etc… you name.. But beyond that, dogs need to be treated like dogs. Not in the negative way, but in a positive way of allowing them to be who they really are. E.g. Taking them for a long walk, doing agility, allowing them to sniff, playing fly-ball, doing positive training, etc…

No time?? Well, you wanted a dog… so make time…

Victoria Stilwell have put it well and right to the point. She’s one of the worlds looked upon positive dog trainer apart from Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell and late Dr. Sophia Yin, and this is worth reading and putting into practice!

Click here to read Victoria Stilwell’s published complaint.


It’s been a long time!

My apologies for the long absence in articles and updates. I’ve been recently been very busy clearing cases and preparing to leave for the UK. As some of you might know, my wife will be taking her masters in dance arts therefore I’ll be joining her in UK. Nope, I’m not dancing, but I’ve registered with my college to take an upgrade in dog behaviour. What’s great is, my college is in UK too.

In the meantime, I will not be taking in any cases until I’m back in Singapore. However, I will be taking in dog behaviour issues for online consultation at no charge for the duration of my time in UK. You can write to me and I’ll reply you as soon as I receive your email.

In this 1 year, I will try to put up articles when possible and share my experiences.

God bless!

The Return – Paw-in-Hand workshop 2014 II

Yes, I’ve decided to do one more workshop this year after a successful workshop in March.

Thanks to the attendees of the last workshop, they were very happy and satisfied that they have been introducing their friends.

This will be the final workshop for this year before I fly off for my further study in dog behaviour with my college from August onwards.

To register for the workshop, kindly click here to register. Alternatively, you can copy and paste this link (

Closing date for registration is 1st June 2014 or when we reach the maximum number of attendees.

Early Bird registration! Hurry!
1. 10% off for early bird registration ends on 12th May 2014.
2. Special rates for shelter volunteers ends 23rd May 2014.

The Return - Paw-in-Hand Workshop 2014 II-A&P

Basic Obedience Class is open for registration!

Dear Dog Owners,

Our Basic Obedience class is now open for registration! Classes will commence on the 26 & 27 April 2014. It’s gonna be fun, empowering, lots of things to learn with your dog. Wait no longer! Email us right away!

Basic-O April 2014

The Return! Paw-in-Hand Workshop 2014

Because it was a success and those who attended have been sharing with their friends, we are deciding to conduct another workshop.

If you can get enough “LIKES” and enquiries, we might do one in either May or June 2014.

Paw-in-Hand Workshop Success

Paw-in-Hand Workshop 2014 Updates!!

A successful 1st workshop! As tiring as everyone was, I hope everyone enjoyed and learn a lot.

photo 1Friday & Saturday session. Cozy, relax and interactive session.

photo 2Sunday’s practical session.

photo 4Heidie the Corgi cross is an anti-social dog. She lunges at other dogs when in sight and walking pass. With positive conditioning session on socialisation, she cross her threshold step-by-step. Still lots of practice for her owner, Josephine one of the attendee.

photo 3Certificate presentation. Look at the smiles on their tired faces πŸ™‚ It was a long and mental stimulating workshop for all πŸ˜‰