We can teach dogs, but dogs can also teach us a thing or two.

By understanding the innate nature of each dog, our mission is to work together with one of God’s marvelous creations to fulfill their needs so that they will exhibit behaviours like a stable dog should.

Even way before Ezra, a dog behaviour therapist, started seriously researching about dogs, his love for dogs ignited when a family friend brought him to a dog show at the age of 7. After that, he would love going to his friends’ homes to interact and play with their dogs.

Finally, at the age of 14, his first test came – babysit a family friend’s maltese for a week. Caring (not just playing, mind you!) came easy to him. This little assignment whet his appetite for more information, hence he began his research from the most humble (or generous you may argue) source – the internet.

You might be wondering why he hadn’t kept his own dog all these years. Dad wasn’t a fan of dogs and wouldn’t approve of one under his roof. So it was a great opportunity when he moved out, and together with his wife, he owned his first 2 dogs. Amazingly, it was through his well-trained dogs that his father subsequently changed his age-old mindset of dogs being only ‘needy, noisy and smelly’. Ezra showed that even with dogs, your lifestyle need not have excessive loss of time, your homes don’t necessarily have a permanent stench and neighbours won’t even know that you have dogs unless they see it for themselves (as opposed to hearing them bark all the time). And lo and behold, Ezra’s parents now own a dog of their own!

Despite some setbacks, Ezra still continued learning more about dog behaviours via internet, books and lots of practice on different dogs (No dogs were harmed in the process of course).

Even when he and his wife fostered an abandoned kitten for a couple of weeks, he taught the kitten to ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ on command. The experience made him believe that though there are some universal approaches of handling animals, each animal deserves to be understood in their own right. The same way a well-informed and knowledgeable psychologist need to understand their clients.

Ezra is also certified with an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour with British College of Canine Studies.

6 thoughts on “EZRA KOH / BIO

  1. Hi, i am facing a problem with my dog (a Singapore special) who has got anti social issues. I have 4 dogs at home currently. 2 shih tzu and 2 Singapore special. I had my first Singapore special a.k.a. Lucky for more than half a year. But all these while, I’ve got problem with her getting along with other dogs. She is rather reactive towards them and shows aggression each time she sees them. I had to seperate them by putting Lucky in my room while the other dogs are out in the house. I felt that it is very unhealthy for her to cope up in the room most of the time as I’m working shift work. I walk her everyday. But it seems to be a chore to walk her. She has got issue on the leash too! Most of the time it seems like she is walking me more than I walk her. She get tense up over the slightest things on the road and many times break herself free from the harness or collar. It make me feel so not confident to walk her anymore as I’m afraid that she might run off during one of our usual walks. I even had to double leash her during her walks to make myself feel safer. I seriously hope that she can walk beside me and behave calm. And also to get along with my other dogs. Is there anyway that I can receive help from this areas?

    • Hi Cybil,

      Thank you for writing to us. Yes, there is help and your dog can get better with patience and consistency.
      I will email you directly for further details on our canine behaviour rehabilitation program.

      Best Regards,
      Ezra Koh

  2. Hi my dog is a mongrel mix and we facing a few problems like he gets aggressive at times when playing and sometimes do bite like when he is looking out the window and barking at strangers when we tried to close the window he will try to bite. He barks at any stranger or dogs he is not familiar with . He just turn 1 year 1 month and we would like to send him for behaviour class, is it possible to be home train by you and how much would it cost.

  3. My dog is a 8 years old mongrel , he was often bullied in the streets therefore he doesnt take liking for male dog bigger than him particulary huskies . He often show aggression to bigger dogs . Do you provide rehabilitation services? If so what are the charges like?

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