DogRehabShelter-015    The Canine Counsellor was started by Ezra Koh, the principal canine behaviour therapist (Adv. Diploma in Canine Behaviour from http://www.britishcollegeofcaninestudies.com/). Driven by passion and the curiosity of canine behaviour, Ezra decided to embark onto a tough journey of rehabilitating dogs with behavioural problems. Through gaining vast experience handling domesticated pedigree dogs to local mutts (mongrels), The Dog Canine Counsellor moved on to helping rescued dogs understand human’s way of living, and in turn, helping humans understand the long misunderstood mutts in a clearer and natural understanding.

The Canine Counsellor is a page for information, online consultation and learning new ways the world has evolved in the knowledge of our canine companions.

Efforts will be put in to share the latest findings and research by researches and canine behaviourist around the world.

However, do take note that most topics will be about our local Singapore dogs and dogs in our society which is of much interest to many dog lovers as well as non dog lovers.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to find what you need and gain from this experience surfing with us.

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