No time? Make time!!

It’s time dog owners learn and understand the importance of dogs and mother nature.

Everyone knows that dogs are animals, and dogs are man’s best friend. But are we humans damaging dogs because of our ideology of how we want them to be?


Dog lovers loves dogs, yes! But do we love them enough to meet their needs. When I say meet their needs, I meant help them fulfill their dog instincts. Giving them love is meeting our own emotional needs more then the dog’s. But yes, I do give my dogs a lot of love, hugging, playing with them, talking to them, etc… you name.. But beyond that, dogs need to be treated like dogs. Not in the negative way, but in a positive way of allowing them to be who they really are. E.g. Taking them for a long walk, doing agility, allowing them to sniff, playing fly-ball, doing positive training, etc…

No time?? Well, you wanted a dog… so make time…

Victoria Stilwell have put it well and right to the point. She’s one of the worlds looked upon positive dog trainer apart from Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell and late Dr. Sophia Yin, and this is worth reading and putting into practice!

Click here to read Victoria Stilwell’s published complaint.


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