Paw-in-Hand – The Return!! SUCCESS!!

What a wonderful class! Once again, another successful workshop with great participants!

Lots of good questions asked and lots of sharing. Hope everyone learn a lot.


2 thoughts on “Paw-in-Hand – The Return!! SUCCESS!!

  1. This session is a great experience to myself, learning on proper methods to how I can communicate correctly to my furkid. And how they read my body language and vice versa. This session not only teaches me as a leader to them, but also teaches my own self awareness through this course. I applied to what I’ve learnt when I reach home with my furkid, and WOW!! I never know that it actually works. Example such like when to give the right affection, stimulate their minds, and to my amazement, they are indeed clever to more than what we human could imagine!! This is really a good session to learn as a pet parent. Thanks Ezra for your time for this training course!

  2. The session has been really helpful. Ezra’s emphasis is on understanding your dog and yourself to help train the dog. In doing so, we work with the nature of the dog instead of against it.
    I have a puppy mill dog and prior to attending Ezra’s sessions, I was trying different means to reverse the years of conditioning the dog had whilst in the puppy mill. Learning to work with the dog’s nature, as taught during the sessions, made it much easier. I can see my dog’s innate nature surfacing again. Thanks Ezra!

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