Paw-in-Hand Workshop 2014 Updates!!

A successful 1st workshop! As tiring as everyone was, I hope everyone enjoyed and learn a lot.

photo 1Friday & Saturday session. Cozy, relax and interactive session.

photo 2Sunday’s practical session.

photo 4Heidie the Corgi cross is an anti-social dog. She lunges at other dogs when in sight and walking pass. With positive conditioning session on socialisation, she cross her threshold step-by-step. Still lots of practice for her owner, Josephine one of the attendee.

photo 3Certificate presentation. Look at the smiles on their tired faces πŸ™‚ It was a long and mental stimulating workshop for all πŸ˜‰

One thought on “Paw-in-Hand Workshop 2014 Updates!!

  1. Ezra was professional yet spoke to us like a friend and there wasn’t any “barrier” of any sort between us and him. He was able to answer all our queries patiently and ensured that we catches his point!

    Demonstration was successful and indeed we could already witness the change of negative to positive behavior on the spot.

    Overall was a effective workshop for us so long as we were to be consistent with how we’re managing our dogs. Thumbs up!

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