Chuck, the Prey Obsessor

Hi this is Lynnette here and I just wanted to leave a testimonial about Soubhik.

I volunteer with SOSD (Save Our Street Dogs) and have had the opportunity to work with Soubhik on a couple of occasions with a couple of the SOSD dogs with behavioural issues.

One of which was a JRT, Chuck, that had been abandoned (previous owner probably didn’t know how to train the little guy). The dog is now with a fosterer who might potentially adopt him.
Chuck would show aggression toward other dogs (even cats) and when he is in that fixated zone, the fosterers are unable to control him. They can’t even distract him or pull him away from his “target” and have been bitten more than a couple of times. Chuck has also bitten a few dogs in the process.

Soubhik did a house call at the fosterers’ home and spent some time to assess Chuck in the home and on his walk. He then explained why Chuck -was behaving the way he was – he was insecure and full of frustration. He needed a strong leader to show him the way, and a proper channel to release his energy. Soubhik broke down the process from being in the home, to putting him on leash, to walking out the door, to finally approaching other dogs/cats – and demonstrated how without having to say much, your body language can tell the dog so much. When we went downstairs and Chuck approached a neighbour’s dog, Soubhik demonstrated how to allow Chuck to approach the dog without aggression. And it was perfect! Chuck did not bite the dog!
Chuck 2
I found Soubhik’s methods very useful, simple and effective for any pet owner to master. I believe a good trainer is not just one that can handle a dog himself, but one that is able to coach and teach the dog owner to be able to handle their dog. I have definitely gained much from Soubhik and will be applying them on my own dogs!

**Emailed by Lynnette herself. No editing involved.

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