Dog & Humans

I find this short clip to be a good summery of how our canine companions sees us and why they are how they are. This clip is to understand about dogs in summery but not to know them for behaviour and/or to train them. I like this clip because it’s broken down is the shortest, easiest way to understand our canine companions. Not just that – It’s also shows how far and how much we can teach ourselves to understand them and in turn, for them to understand what we need and how they can help us.

For far too long we have been taught to ensure that dogs do what we want them to do for us, but now, it is what we need them to help us with. Of course I’m not talking about dogs that has behavioural issues, I’m talking about dogs that has not much behavioural issues and they just want to help us in our inabilities which sometimes we humans can be too proud to admit that we need help from our canine companions.

Example: I need help from my dogs when I handle certain cases. Some case I will bring my Whippet X Husky Vogue, and some cases, I’ll bring my late Labrador Kiro. I’m currently going to start training my Mongrel puppy to understand other dog’s behaviour and to signal me when it’s not right. This things comes naturally for all dogs, but an addition, I will have to train him not to react, good or bad reaction, but to stay still and signal me with his body language. This is how I’m expressing that I need my dog’s help to help me accomplish my work to be 100%.

Enjoy this short clip, and I hope you learn great stuff from here.

Ezra Koh


Martin Clunes narrates this heart-warming and revealing film, bringing you dogs as you’ve never seen them before. Using state-of-the-art technology – including some amazing slow motion footage – we find out how our favourite animal sees, smells and experiences its very different world. Follow the life of a cute puppy from birth through to its own pregnancy, and hear personal accounts of dogs that have saved lives, rebuilt marriages and detected diseases. Part natural history, part science and part pure celebration of man’s best friend, this programme highlights just how extraordinary dogs truly are.

Click below to play video

Secret Life of Dogs

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