Honey, The Nipping Maltese

Firstly, would like to thank Ezra for having to accommodate my dates and last minute changes. He is a very polite, honest and patient dog behaviourist who will make an effort to get to know you and your dog well before the sessions so as to better propose a program that will suit both owner and dog. He is reliable and will answer to your queries as soon as he can. His program comes in a 2 full-day package which involves the observation of dog behaviour and owner reaction on Day 1, and for Day 2, hands-on for owner to handle the dog under different situations.

Day 1: He did a thorough observation of Honey’s reaction under different situations which included barking at strangers outside and inside of the house. He is able to explain the stance and posture that Honey makes when she is barking which allows me to understand her better and what to look out for. E.g yawning when alert does not mean she is sleepy etc. He is focused and calm when dealing with an overly excited and sometimes controlling dog, and I realised that this helped a lot especially to calm her down which also lessened the barking and anxiety that she felt. He also drew out some explanations to help me to understand the cause of her behaviour and what should be done to curb her bad habits.

Day 2: He did a step by step procedure on how to achieve the desired outcome from Honey. He was patient with me as I was flustered and did not know what to do at times as I was still trying to control the situation. At times he will remind me to “be calm” and to “take deep breaths” in order to create a more relax environment for Honey to sense. After a few hours of practice, I could see an immediate improvement when I brought Honey down for her walk; she was no longer pulling me and dashing around. Ezra need not be there for her to be a good girl, and I realised that I had to first control my thinking and emotions before I can control my dog.

Also, I would like to thank Jeremy for making his way down to “volunteer” as a stranger so that Honey and I can have an opportunity to learn together. He appears as an extremely calm and friendly guy and that really helped me to calm down a lot and to be more confident of myself because I know that even if Honey accidentally bites him, he will understand. 🙂

Overall, I would say that Honey has shown some signs of improvement (even though she is already 7 this year) and I feel more confident in controlling her. Ezra has shown me that Honey is capable of changing for the better and to give her a chance to learn. Also would like to thank him for the training leash and treats which I believe will help me a lot during my trainings with Honey.



From Ezra: Honey is slowly learning her new boundaries. With consistency, positive reinforcements and leading her firmly, Honey will definitely change for the better. Geraldine is doing a good job by being patient with Honey as both human and dog learn how to understand one another’s body language. Looking forward to the follow up session with Geraldine and Honey in 1.5 months time.