Charcoal, the Miniture Schanuzer

We have a male schnauzer that is both people and dog aggressive.

Whenever family members come home, he will bark continuously until he is done. If any guest comes by, he will charge and bark furiously. Taking him out for a walk was really enjoyable as he walks well on leash. However, the experience will change within a second whenever any dog comes into sight. He will lunge and bark aggressively even if the dog is across the street.

We have been researching for a trainer to help us on these issues and found the dog behaviorist, Mr. Ezra. We wrote to him and he responded promptly on our highlighted issues by explaining potential triggers or behaviors that we may have nurtured wrongly. We spoke to Mr. Ezra and decided to engage his professional help as we needed practical assistance and guidance.

During our 1st session, we focused on both the barking and charging issues with family members and guests. Mr. Ezra was really calm and respectful towards our dog. He observed how we handled the situation when he came in and showed us how we can manage the situation better using “lure & reward” method. We did a few scenarios with family members and a friend. Consistency and remaining calm were the two key takeaways. Mr. Ezra also shared that we can put some pure lavender oil on our dog’s bed as it has a calming effect.

For the subsequent weeks, we continued to apply what we had learned and were heartened at the overall improvement of our dog’s barking at both the family members and guests.

In our 2nd session with Mr. Ezra, we focused on the dog to dog aggression issue.

Mr. Ezra brought his dog, a Whippet cross Husky name Vogue, to assist with the rehabilitation. We started with a walk outside the house. Mr. Ezra showed us how to use the leash to manage and correct our dog by changing direction fast and walking away. There were no harsh corrections. After a few rounds of corrections, our dog started to understand that nothing bad had happened whenever he walked pass a dog.

Mr. Ezra shared that it is important to remain calm and confident and there should not be any tension on the leash. We were amazed at how comfortable our dog was with his dog as they rested within close proximity. Mr. Ezra was always ready to listen and would follow up on our progress. He readily shares his experience and knowledge and never rushed through the rehabilitation sessions. He is highly professional and we were very comfortable with him. We look forward to bringing our dog to his dog centre for more socialization.