Augustine the Golden Retiever that is no more in a shelter, but an awesome home!

We recently adopted Augustine, a 7-8 years old Golden Retriever from Metta Cats. Augustine is a lovely boy but we needed some guidance in terms of setting boundries with August and basically making sure that we were doing the right things. My husband and I had met Ezra Koh a few weeks before we adopted August and we knew that he was different from so many people who claim to understand dog psyche. So we invited Ezra to visit us and guide us with August. Just one session with Ezra and we can immediately see the difference. Ezra is intstinctive, genuine, honest and most importantly very specific in his instructions. Thanks to Ezra, August is no longer peeing in the house, he is happy to have some time alone and most of all we can now sleep in peace knowing that we are doing the right thing for August. Thank you Ezra for your help! You are a natural!


Kanchan Angural Mistry and Samir Mistry

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